Business Segments

The SHW Group has two business segments: Pumps and Engine Components and Brake Discs.

Pumps and Engine Components

In its Pumps and Engine Components business segment, the SHW Group produces pumps for different areas of application. The products for passenger cars, for instance, include variable oil pumps, electric pumps for hybrid vehicles and further CO2-relevant engine components. The SHW Group product assortment also comprises pumps for Truck & Off-Highway applications, as well as electric pumps for wind power stations. Further important components for engines and gearboxes are also produced. 

Brake Discs

In its Brake Disc business segment, the SHW Group develops and produces monobloc ventilated brake discs made from cast iron as well as lightweight-construction brake discs made from a combination of an iron friction ring and aluminium pot. In the company's own foundry, brake discs are produced as original equipment as well as spare parts for automobile manufacturers. In 2012 the majority of the processed brake disc castings were delivered in an unprocessed state directly to the automotive manufacturers. The remaining brake disc castings were further processed into ready-to-install brake discs.