Monobloc Brake Discs

The SHW Group has manufactured brake discs since 1954, and ventilated brake discs have been in serial production since 1960. The monobloc ventilated brake discs produced by the SHW Group are made exclusively from iron, in the company's own foundry. Their chief feature in comparison to massive brake discs is that the friction ring of the disc has internal ventilation ducts. This reduces the heat generated by the disc during the braking process and facilitates faster cooling after it, thereby reducing the decline in the disc's braking performance at high temperatures.

The SHW Group also produces ventilated brake discs where the friction ring has perforations or slots. This supports better braking performance on wet surfaces, because the film of water on top of the friction ring is removed more rapidly at the beginning of the braking process. The holes also provide the friction ring with additional ventilation, and the slots make it easier to determine when a brake disc had reached the limits of its wear.