Camshaft Phasers

The SHW Group has produced sintered components for camshaft phasers for many years as well as complete camshaft phaser units. The camshaft is part of the engine's valve train. Its job is to operate the valves at the right moment and in the right sequence, thereby controlling the gas exchange. With the aid of camshaft phasers, the timing of the intake valves or exhaust valves can be adapted to the respective load status of the engine. This improves the engine's performance and torque curve, and also saves fuel.

Camshaft phasers are very common on vehicles with gasoline engines. Fuel savings can be obtained on diesel engines by using camshaft phasers. In comparison to gasoline engines the change in valve timing on diesel engines has to happen faster, in order to optimize fuel consumption and output. This makes it difficult to adapt camshaft adjuster units to diesel engines.

The SHW Group also manufactures camshaft phasers in combination with vacuum pumps, thus reducing the weight as compared to a conventional configuration of the components. The components for camshaft phaser units are produced by the SHW Group using the powder metallurgy process.