Electric Pumps for Hybrid or Electric Vehicles

Since 2009, the SHW Group has manufactured electric gearbox oil pumps for hybrid vehicles. Hybrid vehicles utilise an electric motor for their drive in addition to a combustion engine.

In addition the SHW Group has also manufactured pumps for vehicles with automatic gearboxes with start-stop systems since 2009. On cars equipped with a start-stop system, the engine is automatically turned off when the vehicle is stationary, e.g. during a red light phase, and only restarts immediately before the vehicle continues its way. Gearbox oil pumps for the automatic gearboxes equipped with start-stop systems thus have to be designed in such a way that the gearbox oil pressure in the torque converter remains constant even after the engine has been turned off.

The SHW Group also produces electric pumps for electric vehicles with a so-called "range extender." A range extender is a supplemental component in an electric vehicle that increases the vehicle's range. It often takes the shape of a small combustion engine that charges the battery of the electric vehicle.