Fixed Displacement Pumps

Since 1976, the SHW Group has produced fixed displacement oil pumps for vehicles.

If the engine speed increases, the volume of oil delivered by the oil pump also increases as does the engine oil pressure. Engine-oil pressure is limited by a so-called cut-off valve. This valve opens automatically as soon as a certain engine-oil pressure is exceeded and thus ensures that a fixed maximum value is not exceeded.

The fixed displacement pumps manufactured by the SHW Group have been optimized with regard to their energy absorption. This is achieved by means of a pump-wheel design with an optimised efficiency. Less engine power is required to drive the pump, and fuel consumption is consequently reduced.

The SHW Group gained extensive know-how for the manufacture of this type of pump and focused early on compact design and high efficiency. The fixed displacement pumps produced by SHW Automotive are used in many combustion engines and automatic gearboxes.