Oil/Vacuum Pumps

The SHW Group manufactures vacuum pumps for use in vehicles. Modern vehicles with hydraulic braking systems are also equipped with brake boosters. These brake boosters reduce the amount of force the driver needs to apply the brake pedal. This reinforcement effect is generated by low pressure in the brake booster. On gasoline engines without direct injection, the low pressure required for the brake boosters is generated directly by the engine. Diesel engines and engines with gasoline direct injection cannot generate enough low pressure because of their design. This is where a so-called vacuum pump is used instead.

Vacuum pumps and oil pumps can also be combined. Due to new pedestrian safety guidelines, the vacuum pump unit can sometimes no longer be located at the cylinder head of the engine, because this would further reduce the space between the vehicle's engine and its bonnet. This is why the SHW Group has developed an oil/vacuum pump that is installed in the engine oil pan. The oil/vacuum pumps manufactured by the SHW Group are distinctive for their high suction power and their capacity for integration into customized engine packages.