Variable Oil Pumps / Map-Controlled Oil Pumps

The SHW Group focuses especially on the development and production of variable oil pumps. Variable oil pumps differ from fixed displacement pumps in that the delivery volume of the oil pump is adapted to the oil requirement of the engine in the relevant revolutions per minute and temperature range. This occurs either via axial shift of the pump wheels or, in the case of a vane pumps, by changing the position of the rotor inside the pump housing. If the engine has less need of oil, pump operation is reduced, thereby lowering power consumption.

Variable oil pumps are produced by the SHW Group in different versions, e.g. as an internal gear pump, exterior gear pump or vane pump. This enables them to be adapted to the requirements of various engine types. The oil pumps can also be combined with vacuum pumps or balancer shaft units.

A map-controlled oil pump is a special type of variable oil pump, equipped with an electromagnetic control valve. In a so-called data map, target values for certain engine parameters are stored. Networking with the engine control device on the vehicle enables a map-controlled pump to be controlled as needed, dependent on the operating status of the engine. The volume of oil delivered by the pump is regulated by the electromagnetic control valve.