Water Pumps

Since 2007, the SHW Group has manufactured water pumps for use in motor vehicles. Modern combustion engines in motor vehicles are water-cooled. The cooling is achieved by channelling the air to the coolant-filled radiator. After streaming through the radiator, the cooled water is pumped by the water pump through the cooling channels and into the cooling ducts of the engine block, where it exerts its full cooling effect.

The advantage of a combination of water pumps and oil pumps is that the pump unit is lighter and more compact than the two separately deployed pumps. The distinctive feature of the oil/water pumps produced by the SHW Group is that they are tailored to the respective type of engine. The pumps can for instance, depending on available space, be mounted in the front of the engine cover or behind each other.

A combustion engine uses up a comparatively large quantity of fuel during cold starts and in the warming-up phase. Only when the engine has reached its optimal running temperature does it work at its maximum efficiency. This is why SHW also develops variable water pumps.

The main distinctive feature of a variable water pump is that it only works at a reduced rate during the warming-up phase and ensures that the cooling water inside the cooling ducts of the engine block warms up especially quickly. With the aid of variable water pumps produced by the SHW Group, the warming-up phase of the engine can be shortened, thereby reducing CO2 emissions.