Pumps for Truck & Off-Highway applications

The SHW Group manufactures pumps for Truck & Off-Highway applications. This includes use in trucks, agricultural and construction vehicles, as well as stationary engines and wind power stations.

Since 1978, the SHW Group has produced hydraulic pumps for gearboxes and engines which are distinctive for their durability and high efficiency even at high loads. The pumps are used to supply hydraulic systems with the necessary pressure, and are produced for wheel loaders, mobile cranes, tractors, dump and buses.

Moreover, fuel pumps for Truck & Off-Highway applications have been produced since 1995. The fuel pumps manufactured by the SHW Group are distinctive for building up pressure for the starting process immediately after the engine is started, and also for exceptionally low wear.

The SHW Group also produces electric pumps for wind power stations. These are used primarily to lubricate and cool gearbox systems in wind power stations. The pumps are characterized by their simple design, low operating noise, operational safety and high level of performance.