Annual General Meeting 2016

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of SHW AG will take place on Tuesday, May 10, 2016 at the Congress Centrum Heidenheim, Kleiner Saal, Hugo-Rupf-Platz 1, D-89522 Heidenheim. The meeting starts at 10 am. The invitations are planned to be dispatched at the beginning of April. All important documents are available for download here.

Voting results and notices

Voting results
PDF: 34.03 KByte

Voting results

The voting results of the Annual General Meeting 2016 can be downloaded here.

Company Presentation to the Annual General Meeting

AGM Presentation
PDF: 1679.35 KByte

Board presentation of SHW AG (only in German language)

Documents and information regarding the Annual General Meeting

Invitation to the AGM
PDF: 147.06 KByte

Invitation to the Annual General Meeting with the agenda and the resolution proposals of the management

containing among others the proposal for resolution on the appropriation of net earnings of the Management Board, the explanation on agenda item 1 pursuant to § 124a sentence 1 no. 2 German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz - AktG) and the total number of shares and voting rights at the time of the convocation of the AGM pursuant to § 124a sentence 1 no. 4 AktG

Annual Report of SHW AG for fiscal year 2015

containing among others the consolidated financial statements and the combined management report and group management report of SHW AG including the explanatory report of the Management Board on the disclosures pursuant to §§ 289 para. 4, 315 para. 4 HGB and the report of the Supervisory Board each for the fiscal year 2015

Annual Financial Statement 2015 of SHW AG

Annual financial statement of SHW AG as at 31 December 2015 (only in German language)

Explanations regarding shareholders’ rights

in accordance with sections 122 (2), 126 (1), 127, 131 (1) AktG

Proxy Form
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Proxy Form

Form to nominate proxies to third parties (only in German language)


Shareholder proposals and election nominations

Any received motions of shareholders in accordance with sections 126, 127 AktG will be made available here subject to compliance with the statutory requirements.

No shareholder proposals or election nominations requiring disclosure regarding the AGM 2016 have been submitted to date.

Supervisory Board Elections - CVs of candidates

CV Georg Wolf
PDF: 9.11 KByte
CV Christian Brand
PDF: 8.87 KByte
CV Edgar Kühn
PDF: 8.35 KByte
CV Eugen Maucher
PDF: 8.24 KByte