SHW Group’s goal is to further enhance the strong market position in the business segments Pumps and Engine Components and the Brake Discs. In order to accomplish these goals, the company is pursuing the following strategic priorities:

Concentration on new, innovative product solutions
In its Pumps and Engine Components business segment the SHW Group aims to be a leading technology partner for different drive systems and has already developed solutions for the various powertrain concepts that are already being deployed in serial production of hybrid vehicles. In addition, a particular focus is on Truck & Off-Highway applications. In the Brake Discs business segment, the Company plans the serial production of cost-effective composite brake discs.

Regional expansion of manufacturing and distribution activities
The scalability of the pumps business allows a relatively simple business expansion in the countries where the clients of the SHW Group already have production facilities or planning to build new ones in the future. The company plans to follow its customers in growth markets such as North and South America, Brazil and China.