The SHW Group is an innovation leader in consumption-optimizing vehicle components and one of the technology leaders for composite brake discs that are used in medium and luxury class vehicles, sports cars and motor sports. The company wants to ensure this strong market position and further expand it. Therefore, the research and development of new products is essential.

The aim in research and development is to develop products in cooperation with the customers to solve complex problems in vehicle constructions for the world of tomorrow. In addition, innovative products or components are designed proactive to meet observed or expected market developments and to set new trends.

Global climate change and scarcity of resources challenge the customers of SHW Group. They are focusing on measures to reduce fuel consumption, especially by increasing the efficiency of combustion engines and reducing vehicle weight, but also by developing and marketing alternative drive concepts. The SHW Group seeks to optimize existing products and to develop sustainable technologies, which enables the customers to obtain the goals to reduce fuel consumption and consequently CO2 emissions.